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How to enable gzip compression (Apache mod_deflate) in cPanel

To enable the gzip compression for your site, follow the steps: Go to and log in Look for Optimize Website entry (SOFTWARE cPanel section) Here you have 3 options:–Disabled – which will disable the compression–Compress All Content – with this option all content will be compressed–Compress the specified MIME types – here, you will be able to input only certain MIME file …

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Deferred due to greylisting

If the Greylisting filter is enabled, the message you are seeing is quite normal, and will be applied to all incoming mail that your server receives. Please see Greylisting – Version 64 Documentation – cPanel Documentation for full details.WHM Server wide settingsHome >> Email >> GreylistingIndividual cPanel Account settings (per domain)cPanel >> EMAIL >> Configure Greylisting

rsync daemon for opt zimbra

1. mv /opt/zimbra /opt/zimbra.old 2.set cronjob for data migration 34 22 21 * * /bin/sh /home/sas/ >>/home/sas/optzimbra.log 3.create scripts in /home/sas/ create and pass chmod 754 [[email protected] sas]# cat!/bin/shT1=`date` rsync -avz –password-file=/home/sas/pass -u  [email protected]::opt/zimbra  /opt/ > /home/sas/opt.log  2>&1 T2=`date` echo “START : ” $T1  >> /home/sas/opt.logecho “END : ” $T2  >> /home/sas/opt.log …

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MySQL Backup and Restore zimbra Generate SQL dumps of all databases /opt/zimbra/conf/my.cnf socket         = /opt/zimbra/data/tmp/mysql/mysql.sock su – zimbrazmlocalconfig -s | grep mysql | grep password The output will look something like this. mysql_logger_root_password = AWHZ60JYaBw8_hVkA9NDVGh0irmp7xVzmysql_root_password = lkAd7vkYI.Q_VeWt8uyL9kj0zimbra_logger_mysql_password = 2iiyAVj3GeH0akkCe6M1o_HvYzimbra_mysql_password = uMv4EsNqPZdK5htERx97VY5m mysql –batch –skip-column-names -e “show databases” | grep -e mbox -e zimbra > /tmp/mysql.db.list Note: If …

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How to Install an OpenSSH Server/Client on A Windows 2016 Server

Installing OpenSSH From, download the latest .zip of OpenSSH. The typical choice for Windows 2016 is to download the [] option. Extract the file and save it on your console. The easiest way to find it locally would be to save it in your [C:Program Files]. C:Program FilesOpenSSH-Win64move it and then

Name server is not a valid name server

First, create child nameserver ATTENTION (Anchor: errors) If the Name Server(s) you are submitting has/have not been registered with the Registry, you will encounter the below error message: Name server <nameserver> is not a valid name server Please contact your Web Hosting Company and ask them to provide Name Servers that are valid and registered with the Registry. You …

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